RS Suspends 12 Oppn MPPs For Monsoon Session Ruckus

New Delhi, Nov 29, : Monday’s Rajya Sabha suspended 12 MPs from the entire winter session for creating chaos in the house during the Monsoon session on August 11.
The MPs who were suspended are from Congress, Trinamool Congress and CPI, CPI-M.

 Rs Suspends 12 Oppn Mpps For Monsoon Session

The members are: Syed Naseer Hussain and Akhilesh Prasad Sing, Phulo Devi Netam, Phulo Devi netam, Chhaya verma, Ripun Boara and Rajmani Patel of Congress; Priyanka Chanturvedi and Anil Desai from the Shiv Sena; Elamaram Karaem of CPI-M; Binoy Viswam from the CPI, Dola Sen and Shanta Chhetri

The government and opposition members could have a new rift in the winter session, which began Monday.The Rajya Sabha chairman expressed his dismay at the state of affairs in the previous session.

Chairman M.Venkaiah Naidu stated that the disruptive behavior and unruly conduct of certain members during the Monsoon session last year continue to haunt everyone.He encouraged members to learn from the incident as it was a disaster for the entire country and house.

Naidu spoke out about the events that took place during the final moments of the Monsoon session.

He noted that the responses from the leading lights of house and all those involved were not up to his standards.

Referring to the highs, and lows of the past 11 sessions he presided over in the last four years, Rajya Sabha Chairman exhorted members to create “democratic space” within the House to allow all issues to be addressed.

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