RGV Claims He Spotted ‘Virus’ First  

While the whole world is suffering from the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, here is our maverick director Ram Gopal Varma who claims that he has written a script on a “deadly viral outbreak” nearly 2 years back in 2018 itself.

Rgv Claims He Spotted ‘virus’ First

RGV announced that he is going to makes a film titled ‘Virus’ in 2018 as his next film but like many of his movie announcements he didn’t go the floors.

The plotline of the film resemblance to the current situation he said in his tweet.
RGV even retweeted his old tweet which he tweeted on June 10th 2018 that says, “My next film is titled “VIRUS” and is being produced by Parag Sanghvi, who produced SARKAR and ATTACKS OF 26/11 .For details of Parag’s Sanghvi’s and my note please check below link – https://bit.ly/RGVVirus”.

RGV Claims He Spotted Virus’ First-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

He shared the above tweet saying, “I wrote a script on a deadly viral outbreak and tweeted my intention to make it on 10/6/18 …Check the eerie similarities of today’s happenings in the link given in my tweet nearly 2 years back”.
Although RGV never talked about the film after announcing it, we wonder if he is already planning to revive it this time around.Keep watching this space form more such interesting updates!


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