Rewanth Reddy In Advance Planning To Win In Kodangal Constituency

Not to mention Telangana Congress president Revanth Reddy.They are working hard to strengthen the Congress in Telangana and bring the party to power in the forthcoming general elections.

 Rewanth Reddy In Advance Planning To Win In Kodangal

Despite the lack of support from senior party leaders in this regard, Rewanth is moving forward in his own style.

In Telangana, besides shaping the Congress as an alternative to the BJP and TRS parties, efforts are being made to make the Congress a stronger party than those two parties.Rewanth's ideas, however, are getting trouble from senior leaders.The ruling party on the one hand is trying to move forward while coordinating the leaders in its own party while facing the TRS.

Meanwhile, Rewanth has announced that he will contest from Kodangal Constituency as an MLA in the upcoming elections.Rewanth, who has won twice in Kodangal, lost the 2018 elections.

Rewanth had to suffer defeat due to the TRS taking armed action to defeat Rewanth and some leaders in the Congress party.

Moreover, the financially strong Patnam Narender from the TRS competed and spent heavily, all of which led to the defeat.

Rewanth, however, said that at present there was not much sympathy among the people of the Constituency for the performance of Patnam Mahender and that there was growing local opposition to his followers playing games, all of which he attributed to him.Not only that, Rewanth is fully focused on Congress membership in this constituency.

Nearly 75,000 congressional memberships are registered.Rewanth is going ahead with taking precautionary measures without any doka for his victory in the upcoming elections \n\n Read More 👉👉https:/ #TeluguPolitical #Rajakeeyalu #Telugu Channel:Telugu News