Rehbar Lauds FC Bengaluru United’s Talent Development Efforts

Bengaluru, Nov 29, : FC Bengaluru United right winger Asrar Rehrbar was selected to represent Jammu & Kashmir at the ongoing Santosh Trophy.He believes that the talent development model of his club has helped him realize his full potential as a footballer.
Rehbar is among three players from Bengaluru-based FC Bengaluru United that were selected to represent their state at the Santosh Trophy.

 Rehbar Lauds Fc Bengaluru United’s Talent Development

He said, “I am very happy to be a part of a club such as FC Bengaluru United.” “One thing I have always referred to is the great infrastructure they have created for players.It is a great place to learn, grow, and play.

They have always strived to help budding footballers become better every day.He said that they were happy to allow me to participate in this tournament because they are always trying to help their players grow.”

FC Bengaluru United is the defending champions of the BDFA Super Division League.They were invited to the Durand Cup, where they reached the semifinals.

Rehbar shared his experiences playing in these high-intensity tournaments as well as the lessons he learned from them.

“It was a privilege to be part Durand Cup and I-League Qualifiers for FC Bengaluru United.I learned a lot from that experience.All those lessons and experiences were invaluable as I represented my state (Jammu & Kashmir), in the Santosh Trophy.

He said that he tried his best to do his part for his state and was happy with his efforts, even though we didn’t qualify.

Rehbar also spoke about how grateful he felt that those who inspired him to become a footballer were there to cheer him on during his tournament.

“My father inspired me into football.He worked hard every day to improve me and was always there for me when I needed him most.

My best friend Sehreen is another person who inspires and pushes me to be a better player on the field as well as a better person off it.

Rehbar was proud of the efforts of his coach in building a cohesive unit to compete for the Santosh Trophy.”Coach Satpal kept us all motivated and focused on our goals.He reminded us of our strengths and reminded us to be confident and not fearful.

Jammu & Kashmir won their final game 3-2 against Himachal Pradesh, in the North Zone Group.However, it was not enough to qualify for the next stage for the Santosh Trophy.

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