Ram Temple: Intolerant Govt Didn’t Give Holiday, Says K’taka Lop; Did The Centre, Asks Cm

Ram temple: Intolerant Govt didn’t give holiday, says K’taka LoP; did the Centre, asks CM

Bengaluru, Jan 22 : The Karnataka BJP on Monday criticised Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for not announcing a holiday on the day of the ‘Prana Pratishtha’ in Ayodhya.Defending his decision, CM Siddaramaiah questioned whether the Union Government had declared a holiday in all states.

 Ram Temple: Intolerant Govt Didn’t Give Holiday, Says K’taka Lop; Did The Ce-TeluguStop.com

Leader of the Opposition (LoP), R.Ashoka stated, “The whole nation is chanting the slogan of Shri Ram.People are voluntarily participating in the celebrations.Intolerant of this festive mood, the Congress Government in the state refused to declare a public holiday.

What happened to Ravan in the end for hating Lord Ram despite repeated advice from his wife Mandodari and brother Vibheeshan not to do so? Duryodhan met a tragic end by treading the path of injustice and declaring war on his own cousin brothers, going against Sri Krishna.Ram haters of this Kal Yug are going to meet the same fate as Ravan in Treta Yug and Duryodhan in Dvapara Yug.”

In a rejoinder to Ashoka’s remarks, CM Siddaramaiah questioned whether the central government had declared a holiday on January 22 in all states.

“The event is taking place in Ayodhya, but has a holiday been declared in the states of Kerala, New Delhi, and West Bengal? This is not a political programme.One can see Ram of Ayodhya in idols of temples in our places.All gods are one right?” the CM said.

Reiterating that he would visit Ayodhya, Siddaramaiah stated that Mahatma Gandhi was also a devotee of Ram.

“I am not an atheist.I am a believer in God.Lord Sri Ramachandra is loved by everyone in the country.He is revered by 143 crore people.There are temples of Ram in every village in India.I have also built a temple of Ram at my place.We are ardent devotees of Lord Ram and Hanuman.

I have never questioned the existence of God,” he explained.

“God is one, and he is called by different names.

Gods such as Eshwar, Chamundi, Krishna, Thiummappa, Ram are worshipped from time immemorial.The building of the Shri Ram temple is not a new phenomenon.

Temples of Ram have been built before, and they will be built in the future as well,” Siddaramaiah maintained.

“Ramayana has given principles.

Lord Ram is seen as an epitome of human personality.Gandhi Ji aspired for Ram Rajya.

If there has to be a Ram Rajya, the land has to be a garden of different religions,” Siddaramaiah added.

“Ram belongs to everyone.

All religions aim for the welfare of humanity.Tolerance and coexistence is clearly written in the Constitution.

Everyone should live like human beings, and should not hate anyone.These are the values that Hindu sacred scriptures Ramayana and Mahabharata preach,” he explained.



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