Ram Charan Sends Strict Message To All Fans  

Mega Power Star Ram Charan will celebrate his 35th birthday on the 27th of March this year.On the occasion, all Mega fans have planned massive celebrations in both Telugu states.

Ram Charan Sends Strict Message To All Fans

In Hyderbad, the fans already decide to celebrate their favorite hero’s birthday with a grand event on the 26th evening at Ravindra Bharathi and have also invited Sai Dharam Tej as a chief guest.

Now the latest news is that Ram Charan requested his fans to stay away from his birthday celebrations this year amid coronavirus epidemic as the situation is not good in the state as well as the country and one should have to avoid public gatherings.

Ram Charan Sends Strict Message To All Fans-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Charan requested his fans to be alert and help the authorities in preventing the virus spread by not forming large public gatherings and staying safe.

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He officially released a press note saying, “I know that you people love me and also I can understand that you are taking a lot of stress to celebrate my birthday.But, as the current situation is unstable, we must take care of ourselves and others and avoid public gatherings.

So, keeping this in mind, I request you to withdraw the idea of celebrating my birthday this year.

Let’s support the government by making people understand about the Coronavirus (COVID 19) and preventive measures.If you make people understand by spreading awareness about this virus, this would be the best gift for my birthday.

I hope that you will follow my words,” added the mega hero.

On the work front, Ram Charan is currently working with Rajamouli for his magnum opus ‘RRR’ along with Jr.

NTR.On the other hand, he is also busy in his production venture ‘Acharya’ which has Megastar Chiranjeevi in the lead role which is directed by Koratala Siva.

Now this effort from the star actor to cancel his birthday celebrations is winning a lot of hearts all over!


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