PUBG Becomes Most-Watched Esports Game  

PUBG Becomes Most-Watched Esports Game - Telugu @ @esportscharts, @pmoindia, @tencentcompany, Bluehole Studios, Esports Charts, Pubg, , Pubg Corp, Pubg Mobile Has The Highest Viewership In August

Although banned in India, PUBG Mobile has the highest viewership in August. - Pubg Becomes Most-watched Esports Game

An esports viewership tracking website, Esports charts, states that PUBG has the most-watched esports title in August.

According to the website, PUBG has garnered over one million views, of which, the maximum viewership came at the time of finals happened from August 6 to 9.Reportedly, the finals recorded at 1.1 million views.The game has also stood as the number 1 app in India before its ban, where 35.8 % of Hindi speaking people have contributed majorly to the viewership. - PUBG Becomes Most-Watched Esports Game-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

However, for the next viewership chart, this might not be the same as the app is completely banned in India.

The Indian government recently banned 118 Chinese apps including PUBG.Yet, PUBG company is hoping to get back to normal proceedings by cutting its association with Tencent company.

The official sources say PUBG Corp is desperately looking for an Indian gaming company that could replace the Tencent company in India.The internal gaming brand, Bluehole Studios, has already released an official statement regarding this and soon it may restore the game in India, which is good news for the fans.

Till then the game remains banned and cannot be played on Mobiles.

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