Protests Against Amazon Buildings In UK, US, And Europe On Largest Shopping Day

New Delhi, Nov 26th : Protests are being held at Amazon buildings in the UK and the US on Black Friday, according to the BBC.
Amazon’s shopping day is one of the busiest in Amazon’s history.According to the report, a worldwide coalition of equality, unions and environmental groups called “Make Amazon Pay” is holding a day-of-action.

 Protests Against Amazon Buildings In Uk, Us, And Europe On Largest Shopping

The movement is requesting Amazon to make changes in its business, including better pay and union engagement.

The report also stated that the ‘Extinction Rebellion,’ an environmental group, has blocked access to Amazon distribution centers in the UK as part of a separate protest.

The Make Amazon Pay coalition isn’t affiliated with the Extinction Rebellion, but it has environmental groups like Greenpeace among its members.

It claims that Amazon takes too much and gives too little back.This claim is supported by trade unions and grassroots campaigns as well as non-profit-making organizations in each country.

Owen Espley, a member of the ‘War on Want” campaign group, stated that Amazon is using its dominance in online retail, cloud services and logistics to create unfair competition, which is driving down standards for all.Amazon workers are subject to unsafe conditions, under constant surveillance, and treated as robots.Amazon must pay fair wages and fair taxes to compensate for its environmental impact.

Friday’s figures by the GMB union were also released.They showed that Amazon warehouses saw an increase in ambulance calls.This was due to staff rush to meet “crushing targets”, according to the report.

It requested ‘Freedom of Information” from four ambulance trusts located near’major Amazon websites’.It claimed that November was the month with the highest number of ambulance visits over the past five years.

Amazon claimed that such claims were made by “using incomplete information that is without context and designed intentionally to mislead”.

A spokesperson stated that while we know we are not perfect and are improving every day, Amazon has 40% less injuries on average than other transport and warehousing companies in the UK.

It claimed that the “vast majority of” ambulance visits to its buildings were for preexisting conditions.

Mick Rix, GMB Union, stated that “This company can afford to do better.

According to the report, Amazon should meet with its workers’ union GMB to make Amazon a safe and great place to work.

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