Prakash Raj’s Sarcasm On 15 Lakh Covid-19 Cases

According to the World Health Organization, India is racing with the highest number of Covid-19 cases. Recently India has crossed 15 Lakh mark and recorded 47,703 fresh cases bringing the total tally to 15,31,669.

 Prakash Raj’s Sarcasm On 15 Lakh Covid-19

While some are expressing deep sorrow on this pathetic situation, a few argue that the Indian government has completely failed in handling the situation.
Standing as one of them, Versatile actor Prakash Raj has sarcastically posted a pic on his twitter.

We all know in the past; Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised to deposit 15 lakh rupees to everyone’s bank account.Referring to Modi’s promise, Prakash Raj posted a pic of 15 lakh Covid-19 cases with a text stating “Finally… have we got our 15 lakhs #JustAsking”.

 Prakash Raj’s Sarcasm On 15 Lakh Covid-19 Cases-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

On the other hand, India is competing with Brazil to reach the second spot.At present America is at the top place with 4.2 million cases.While Brazil and India are at second and third places with 2.4 million and 1.5 million cases respectively.It took 147 days for India to reach the first 5 lakh cases while the last 5 lakh cases came in just 12 days.

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