Prabhas20 & 21: Two Big Doubts!  

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Instead of curiosity, Nag Aswin’s directorial is raising a few doubts about the film.

Prabhas20 & 21: Two Big Doubts!

Prabhas stardom has increased to pan India level post the release of Baahubali.

But he has to be more selective about choosing the next projects, says the film experts.Because already Sahoo is a debacle at the box office and a flop next time would drastically lower his stardom at Bollywood.

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At this point, his two upcoming projects are raising two doubts in the audience mind.

According to the film critics, the first doubt is about the director of ‘Radhe Shyam’.

Everyone knows how a one film director Sujith handled ‘Sahoo’ movie.The director of ‘Radhe Shyam’, Radha Krishna too has only one film in his kitty, that is Jil, along back ago in 2015.

Jil is an above-average film with mediocre praise on Radha Krishna’s taking abilities.Hence, most Prabhas fans are in doubt about, Radha Krishna handling the pan India image of Prabhas.

The doubt number two is about Nag Aswin, the director of #Prabhas21.The ‘Yevade Subramanyam’ director has raised to fame with ‘Mahanati’ but could not prove his mettle for commercial cinema.

If he pens the story with the same classical and drama touch for #Prabhas21, it may appeal to Bollywood but the chances are 50-50 at Tollywood.Telugu audiences are more concerned about commercial values when it comes to a star film.

Hence, it is interesting to see how Prabhas handles these two films as they are very key to his stardom.

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