PhonePe’s ‘SafeCard’ Allows Businesses To Easily Implement Tokenization

Bengaluru, Nov 30, : , PhonePe, India’s leading digital payment platform, announced Tuesday that its SafeCard tokenisation solution allows online Businesses to offer their customers the convenience of saving card transactions while adding security.
This solution conforms to the latest RBI guidelines.

 Phonepe’s ‘safecard’ Allows Businesses To Easily Implement

PhonePe SafeCard allows Businesses to offer tokenization on their own platforms through an API integration.The company stated that this solution allows Businesses to create, process, delete, and modify tokens for online payment with customers’ consent.

PhonePe SafeCard improves customer experience and saves Businesses considerable time and effort by seamlessly working across all major card networks, including Mastercard, RuPay, and Visa.

It also eliminates the need to integrate with multiple card networks.

PhonePe SafeCard provides Businesses with an advantage by allowing them access to millions of tokenized cards from PhonePe customers.PhonePe can also provide additional authentication for users if necessary.

It allows customers to login and make payments with additional features, which makes it easy and smooth for them.According to the company, merchants receive a dedicated vault and secure environment in a PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant environment.

Additionally, transactions can be processed on the merchant platform using any payment gateway selected by the business.However, they can also process transactions with any payment gateway of their choosing.

PhonePe stated that it is actively working with its large online base to improve customer experience through the adoption of the PhonePe SafeCard.

In October alone, the company processed more than two billion transactions through its platform.

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