“People Think Glamour Is All There Is, But We Have To Live It.”

Mumbai, Nov 27, : , Time management in the current scenario has become quite a challenge, says actor Aditya Dashmukh.
Actor Ziddi Dil Makane Na is guilty of the same crime as the actor in ‘Ziddi Diil Maane Na’.

 “people Think Glamour Is All There Is, But We Have To Live It.”-TeluguStop.com

He is also guilty because he is an actor and is part of the film because there is a time to arrive on set but there is no set time for when it will end.

“Everything revolves around shooting, especially TV actors.I go to bed after returning from the shoot.I’m too tired to do any other thing.He says he doesn’t believe he is able to spend enough time with his family and friends.

Everyone is busy with their careers.

People in the entertainment industry complain often about a lack of time.

“Yes, it is a daily task to travel to work, but I love my job.There is no glamour in our lives.To stay relevant and keep earning, we also need to work hard.

This was not only for those in the entertainment industry but also for everyone.We are so busy with our work that there isn’t much time.He adds that most days, when I get home, my family is already asleep.”

The actor shares time management tips that he follows: “We need to get disciplined again.Prioritize work.Minimize time on our phones, tabs and laptops.It’s time to understand the importance of living and spending quality time with our loved ones.Covid has helped us to see many things.

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