Pashtun Leader Ali Wazir Was Granted Bail In Hate Speech Case

New Delhi, Nov 30, : On Tuesday, the Pakistan Supreme Court (SC), granted bail to Pashtun Takfuz Movement (PTM), leader and MNA Ali Wazir, in a hate Speech case.The Express Tribune reported.
Mohsin Dwar, Member, National Assembly of Waziristan, said in a tweet that Justices Tariq Masood Jamal Mandokhel, Aminudin Khan and Aminudin Khan, all from the Supreme Court, had granted bail to @Aliwazirna50.Ali was held in prison for more than 11 months while he gave a speech.

 Pashtun Leader Ali Wazir Was Granted Bail In Hate Speech

Although it took some time, Ali will now be released on bail.

Express Tribune reported that the bail case was heard by a three-judge bench at the apex court led by Justice Sardar Tariq Masood.

According to the report, the PTM leader was detained in Peshawar on 16 December 2020 on hate Speech charges against state institutions.He was addressing a rally at Karachi on 6 December.

Wazir, a South Waziristan resident who won a seat in the National Assembly, stated at that time that he didn’t know why he was taken into custody.

During Tuesday’s proceedings, the apex court noted that the coaccused in the case was granted bail, which was not challenged.

The SC stated that Ali Wazir cannot be kept in jail.

Before the apex court, the Sindh prosecutor general stated that similar cases had been filed against Ali Wazir.

“Has bail been granted for other cases?” Justice Sardar Tariq Masood questioned, and the prosecutor-general replied that bail was not granted to the MNA in any other case.

“Ali Wazir was not charged under terrorism.

Then why was the clause added?” Justice Tariq inquired, “Ali Wazir has not been charged under terrorism, then why was the clause added?”

Justice Aminuddin Khan stated that it was evident from the record that this case was registered after his Speech had been translated.

Justice Mandokhel said that the allegations against Ali Wazir should have been debated in Parliament.

He also stated that if the MNA has reservations they should be addressed.He also asked why our citizens were being exiled.

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