K’taka HC Sends A K’taka HC Daughter To Govt Facility Because Her Parents ‘force’ Her To Marry.

Bengaluru, Nov 27, : , The Karnataka High Court fulfilled the wishes of a young girl to continue her education and provided “protection” for her parents who wanted her to get married.
The judgment was delivered by a Division bench of Justices Sunil Dutt Yadav & S.Rachaiah while they examined the habeas corpus petition filed Friday by the girl’s mom.

 K’taka Hc Sends A K’taka Hc Daughter To Govt Facility Because Her Parents ‘force’ Her To Marry.-TeluguStop.com

The 17-year-old girl, who was allegedly forced by her parents to marry, had gone to Goa to live with her relative.

Her mother filed a habeas corpus request to locate the girl after she “went missing”.

According to court orders, Lakshmeshwara, Gadag station police, tracked the girl and brought her before the court.She refused to go with her parents.

The government counsel stated to the court that the girl had fled home because she was “forced” by her parents to stop her studies and marry.

The court heard that the girl did not want to go with her parents, and she asked permission to stay outside.

However, the counsel for the parents stated that the girl was kidnapped and that the police have concealed this fact.

She should also be sent with her parents, as they aren’t forcing her to marry or stop studying.

The court asked the girl for her opinion.

She said she wouldn’t go with her parents and would rather stay outside.

The bench ruled that the welfare and safety of the girl was of paramount importance and ordered the police to take her to the government facility.

The court ordered that the girl be placed at an observation home until she makes up her mind to move to her parents.She must also continue her studies.

If she wishes to travel with her parents, her parents must submit a written statement stating that they will not harm her.The judge also stated that if the girl wishes to visit her parents, it should be made possible.

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