There Is No Data On Farmers Who Have Died.

New Delhi, Nov 30, : , Tuesday’s statement by the government said that it does not have any data regarding either the cases against or the number Farmers who died in the year-long agitation for repeal of three farm laws.Therefore, financial assistance was not possible.
This was in response to questions about ‘Agitation of Farm Laws’ that were raised by a group of MPs in Lok Sabha.

 There Is No Data On Farmers Who Have

The MPs wanted to know, among other things, how many cases were filed against Farmers in connection to the agitation; data on the number and deaths of Farmers during the agitation in and around the National Capital; as well as whether the government would provide financial assistance for the kin of those who lost their farm during the agitation.

The Ministry’s hesitant reply was that there is no record of the matter, so the question of financial assistance does not arise.

The government had previously answered this question unstarred.

It had described how it had held 11 rounds with farm leaders to resolve the situation.It also listed a number steps it has taken to answer the question “Whether the Government proposes protecting farmers’ interests and implementing support price for agricultural products.”

Apart from the main demand for the repeal of three contentious laws, which have now been officially repealed in Parliament, a more than one year-long agitation demanded the withdrawal of cases against Farmers during the agitation as well as compensation and rehabilitation of the families and friends of the martyred Farmers who lost their lives at the same time.

The Samyukt Kisan Morcha, who has led the agitation, claims that 700 Farmers have been killed in the agitation since last.

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