Nigerian Anti-drug Agency Slashes 20 Tons Of Illegal Drugs And Other Substances

Lagos, December 1, 2018 : Nigeria’s Anti-Drug Agency has destroyed 20 tons of illegal and illegal Drugs as part of its ongoing fight against drug abuse in West Africa.
At Tuesday’s ceremony in Abuja, Mohammed Buba Marwa (Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency) stated that the exercise was conducted under the direction of the country’s environmental regulations enforcement agency.

 Nigerian Anti-drug Agency Slashes 20 Tons Of Illegal Drugs And Other

It concerns the best way to dispose of seized Drugs without threatening public health or polluting the environment.

According to Xinhua news Agency, he described the destruction of 20 tons illicit Drugs as a further affirmation that the anti-drug Agency is determined to fight drug abuse.

He explained to the gathering that illicit Drugs seized in the past months include heroin, cocaine, and other illegal substances.

Marwa stated that the number of Drugs being destroyed is a reminder about the country’s drug problem.

However, the dire consequences of the country’s high drug prevalence rate are the reason why the NDLEA has increased its efforts and is aggressively pursuing their mandate.

“To this end NDLEA was effectively repositioned more effectively than ever before in order to curtail production, cultivation processing, importation and exportation of controlled Drugs and illegal substances,” he said.

He stated that the Agency was not at rest with over 10,000 arrests, over 1,000 inmates, and 5,579 people being counseled and rehabilitated within a span of 10 months.

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