K’taka Higher Education Minister Meets The New Consul General Of France

Bengaluru, Dec 8 : The government of France is keen to set up an Indo-French Campus Institute in Karnataka, C.N.Ashwath Narayan, Minister for Higher Education, said on Wednesday.

 K’taka Higher Education Minister Meets The New Consul General Of France-TeluguStop.com

He said this after Thierry Berthelot, newly appointed Consul General of France in Bengaluru, met him and discussed the matter.

He also told that the French delegation had been suggested to set up the intended campus in the Bengaluru City University.

France is interested to provide courses under Health Category which include Biotech to Artificial Intelligence, Drugs and Health Products, Pharmaceutical Management, Advanced Pharmaceutical Engineering.

Under the Industry 4.0 category, it wishes to commence courses of Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, etc and under Ecology category it wants to commence courses of Biodiversity, Climate Change, Greener Economy, he told.

Those who study the above courses will be awarded Joint Degrees (Indo-French Degrees), the Minister said.

Under this collaboration, the curriculum, content, pedagogy will be aligned with the corporate needs.

Besides, setting up research institutions and incubators will be the priority to impart global level skills to students, Narayan told.


The Minister stated that Joint Degrees (Indo French Degrees) will be awarded to those who have completed the above courses.
It wants to start courses in Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Machine Learning under Industry 4.0.Under Ecology, it wants to begin courses in Biodiversity, Climate Change and Greener Economy.

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