Never Take These Items Without Paying| ఈ పదార్థాలను ఉచితంగా అస్సలు ఇవ్వకూడదు| Telugu Facts|Astrology

According to our cultural tradition, if you take some goods for free without giving money you will not only face financial problems but also lack of happiness and mental peace.In addition there are many hardships to be experienced.

 Never Take These Items Without Paying| ఈ పదార్థాలను ఉచితంగా అస్సలు ఇవ్వకూడదు| Telugu Facts|

Now let’s see what items should not be taken for free.Salt : Although many spices and ingredients are added to the diet, the meal will not be tasty without a pinch of salt.So salt is of special importance in life.So remember never to take salt alone without giving money.It is considered unhealthy to take salt for free.Because salt is associated with the god Saturn.

The result is home debt as well as infectious diseases.Also Saturn has to succumb to the wrath of God.Black Sesame Seeds : Sesame is also considered ominous to take for free without paying money.Black sesame in particular is associated with Saturn as well as Rahu-Ketu.

 Never Take These Items Without Paying ఈ పదార్థాలను ఉచితంగా అస్సలు ఇవ్వకూడదు Telugu FactsAstrology-Telugu Trending Viral Videos-Telugu Tollywood Photo

These three create a negative impact on our lives by taking sesame for free.So sesame should be taken to pay the money.

It is advisable to donate sesame seeds to eliminate the effects of Rahu and Ketu.But it should not be taken as a donation.Taking sesame can damage work.Will have to deal with failure in the required tasks.

Needle : The needle should not even be brought home without paying money.It can have a negative impact on the home.

Acupuncture can end a love affair between family members and create an atmosphere of disagreement.Therefore the needle should never be donated.Begins to work in a similar way.It is mentioned in the sciences that one has to face many kinds of problems without taking money.Napkins : Handkerchiefs should also not be taken from others for free without paying money.Many people use other people’s handkerchiefs for a while and forget to give them back.

So give back immediately when you have someone else’s handkerchief.Such a small thing can diminish the love between the two.Your relationship with the person from whom the handkerchief was taken will slow down.Moreover hostility increases.

Also remember that handkerchiefs should never be given as a gift.Iron : Iron is believed to belong to Saturn.So iron should not be taken from anyone without giving money.Saturn will take effect on you if taken.At the same time remember not to bring iron home on Saturday.This causes Saturn to incur the wrath of God.On the other hand if the Saturn effect of yesteryear is that they would be better off donating iron on Saturday.Oil : Need to bring home essential oil paid for.It is considered unlucky if taken for free.The result is a wide variety of problems in life.

Always buy oil with money and take it home.Do not take oil from anyone.

If Saturn’s position in the horoscope is not correct, then oil and vegetables should be eaten.Doing so strengthens the Saturn situation.

Saturn will have to deal with the evil situation by donating oil.Astrology, Telugu facts, Never Take These Items for Free, Iron, Salt, Needle, Oil, Hand Kerchiefs.Napkins, Never Give Salt for Free, Interesting Facts in Telugu, Salt Astrology, Money Tips, Salt Exchanged hand to hand, Unknown Facts in Telugu Never Take These Items without Paying| ఈ పదార్థాలను ఉచితంగా అస్సలు ఇవ్వకూడదు| Telugu Facts|Astrology #Atrology #TeluguFacts #UnknownFactsinTelugu #Salt #Needle #Oil #NeverTakeSaltforFree #OilforFree #SaltExchangedHandtoHand

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