Nara Lokesh’s Future CM CHAIR Depends On Jr NTR!

The TDP leaders are targeting Jr NTR by stating that he did not respond to the level they expected against the YCP leader.TDP leaders allege that the YCP leaders made character assassination remarks on Nara Bhuvaneshwari.

 Nara Lokesh’s Future Cm Chair Depends On Jr Ntr!

Targeting junior NTR, TDP leaders like Buddha Venkanna and Varla Ramaiah made harsh remarks.Not only in politics but NTR fans are incensed with the TDP leaders’ comments.

Junior NTR condemned the incident in the form of a video.He warned the YCP and the TDP.He says that such incidents are not good.

So far, Junior NTR fans have almost always been in favour of TDP.Whenever elections come, they are voting for TDP.And now, if Jr NTR is targeted, TDP will get damaged.The party leaders should think about this.If they continue the same way, it is said that the loser is TDP.

If Lokesh and Chandrababu do not condemn the comments made by TDP leaders, surely, TDP has to face the impact in the coming elections.If junior fans are agitated on a large scale in the coming days, it will be hard for Lokesh to get CM Chair in future.

Hence, Lokesh’s CM Chair Depends on Jr NTR.

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