MP Ragurama Will Be Brought To The Guntur CID Office In A While

Narsapuram YCP MP Raghurama Krishnaraja will be brought to the CID regional office in Guntur in a while.It is reported that AP CID officials arrested Raghuram Krishnaraja in Hyderabad this afternoon.

 Mp Ragurama Will Be Brought To The Guntur Cid Office In A

However, the CID officials denied the entry of media into the CID office.Meanwhile, AP CID officials have registered a case against YCP MP Raghuram Krishnaraja under sections 124 (A), 153 (A), 505, 124A, and 120 (b) of the IPC.

Raghuram has been accused of tarnishing the image of the state government.However, it is being speculated that the AP CID officials arrested Raghurama as he made several corruption allegations against the Jagan government.

 MP Ragurama Will Be Brought To The Guntur CID Office In A While-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

AP CID police arrested Raghurama after giving information to the CRPF superiors who were guarding the MP.

On the otherhand, Raghurama’s son Bharat was outraged over the arrest of Narsapuram MP Raghurama.Speaking to the media, he said, “Raghurama Krishna was arrested by AP CID officials without a warrant.AP CID officials have taken Raghuram Krishnaraju into custody without even stating the reasons for his arrest.

We will file a house motion in the High Court on Raghurama’s arrest.” He said that they do not know even where Raghuram was taken to.

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