UK Has More Omicron Variants

London, December 1, 2008 : London has been home to two more Omicron coronavirus variants.This brings the total number of Omicron coronavirus cases in Britain up to 11.British Health authorities confirmed the findings.
According to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the two latest London cases have been linked to travel in southern Africa.

 Uk Has More Omicron

It added that the two individuals are not related and are not linked with any of the previously confirmed cases.

This comes after six additional cases were confirmed by authorities in Scotland on Monday, in addition to three in England over the weekend.

John Swinney, the Deputy first Minister for Scotland, confirmed that there is no travel history in “some of” these cases.

This suggests that there has been at most some level of community transmission, making it more difficult to control the variant.

British Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed Monday that he had accepted the recommendation of the Joint Committee on Vaccine and Immunisation.This included booster jabs for everyone over the age 18 years.

It also reduced the time between booster jabs and boosters from six to three months.Children between 12 and 15 years old can get a second jab after no less than three to four months.

According to official statistics released Monday, 42,583 Covid-19 new infections were reported in Britain.This brings the total number of coronavirus-related cases to 10,146,915, an increase of 42,583 since Monday.

A further 35 deaths due to coronavirus were also reported in the country.The total number of coronavirus-related British deaths now stands at 144 810.These figures do not include deaths that occurred within 28 days of a positive test.

According to the latest figures, more than 88% of British 12 year-olds have had their first vaccine dose and more than 80 percent have received both.

More than 30% have had booster jabs or the third dose coronavirus vaccine.

Countries such as the US, Britain, China, Germany and Russia have been racing against the clock to develop coronavirus vaccines to bring life back to normal.