Mindy Kaling Not Bothered By Speculation About Her Kids\' Paternity

Mindy Kaling does not seem to be concerned about any speculation regarding the paternity of her children

Los Angeles, Aug 10 : Indian origin American actress Mindy Kaling says that it “doesn’t worry” her that people assume that B.J.Novak is her father.of her children.
Kaling She has remained secret regarding the paternity of her four-year-old daughter Katherine and her 23-month-old son Spencer isn’t concerned whether people think her co-star in ‘The Office 43 is the father of them, according to aceshowbiz.com.

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The 43-year-old funny lady said to Marie Claire, “He’s the godparent of my two kids and they have a wonderful relationship.The rumors haven’t] impacted my happiness at all, and it’s not affected my children or BJ.If this is what’s going to entice people, I’ll go for it.”

Kaling stated that she will be discussing it once her two kids have reached the age of “old enough to speak with me about it.”

She also said “I’m the sole parent that my children have.I tend to err towards the direction of very cautious so that there’s less that they could be angry at me in the future.”

Kaling revealed in the magazine why she “waited” to be able to have children in her “own terms.” She explained, “I waited until I had the money and it made all the difference” in reference to the latest decision to overturn the ruling of Roe v.Wade which allowed legal access to legal and safe abortions throughout the US as well as, “The choice to have one child on your own and on your terms – was the best time of my life.It’s something I would like women are comfortable doing on their own.”