Microsoft To Purchase TikTok TikTok May Return To India TikTok App

Is TikTok, which was banned in the country, going back to India? Want to buy global tech giant Microsoft China short video sharing app TikTok? That sounds like a yes.If that happens .what about domestic apps? Domestic users’ popularity of local apps has not improved with the spread of TikTok Toe.Analysts say there is a wide-ranging discussion on the re-launch of Tik Tak India.The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is set to acquire TikTok India, and that microblogging Twitter is in preliminary talks to acquire TikTok US.Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.Investors are ready to invest in domestic apps that replace TikTok Toe.In the meantime, investors are eagerly awaiting their investment amid speculation that India will get a tic tac toe again.For a few days conditions were changing.There is an opportunity to invest in the short video sharing market.But Rutwick Doshi, managing director of Inventus Capital Partners, said TikTok would make a better profit instead of a TikTok clone.TikTok ban,microsoft-TikTok deal,TikTok Microsoft,TikTok us,tik tok,Microsoft ceo satya nadella,TikTok banned account recovery,trump TikTok,TikTok takeover,business news,TikTok app,TikTok banned in India,TikTok banned video,TikTok twitter,TikTok Microsoft teams,Microsoft TikTok negotiations,Microsoft TikTok update,Microsoft TikTok purchase,Microsoft TikTok,Microsoft TikTok deal #TikTok #Microsoft #India #TikTokBan Pid: 1885899

 Microsoft To Purchase Tiktok Tiktok May Return To India Tiktok

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Microsoft To Purchase TikTok TikTok May Return To India TikTok App - Telugu China, India, Microsoft, Return, Tiktok, Tiktokban #Shorts