Michael B. Jordan, Jonathan Majors Plan To Make More Films Together

Michael B. Jordan, Jonathan Majors plan to make more films together

Los Angeles, March 6 : ‘Creed 3’ stars Jonathan Majors and Michael B.Jordan love working with each other and would like to explore opportunities for more films together.

 Michael B. Jordan, Jonathan Majors Plan To Make More Films Together-TeluguStop.com

The two stars are basking in the success of their latest movie ‘Creed 3’ and had such a good time working on the project – which Michael also directed, as well as starring in as Adonis Creed – they hope to develop an enduring partnership, reports Female First UK.

Asked if they’ll work together again, Michael told the ‘New York Times’ newspaper: “We plan on it.” Jonathan, who plays series newcomer Damian Anderson, quipped: “De Niro and Pacino.”

Michael then said: “We’re excited about that, and I have those conversations with him.Acting is such a solo journey, where you’re fighting for your place on that call sheet for such a long time.”

“So when you’ve got somebody that doesn’t care as much about that stuff, it’s like, ‘Let’s go.How much damage can we do together?'”

Jonathan replied: “All of it.”

As per Female First UK, Michael admitted that he put pressure on himself as first-time director, including when it came to pitching Jonathan for the role.He said: “I was all in my head, like, ‘OK, what are the things I would want to hear? This dude can do a million different things right now.What’s going to make him take a chance on this actor-director who hasn’t directed (anything)?’ I knew I had to be truthful about what this project means to me and I wanted to make sure he knew.”

After agreeing to sign up for the film, Jonathan admitted that Michael’s perception of his performance was the most important thing to him.He said: “I care most about what he thinks.”


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