Media Over Action Upsets Kriti Sanon  

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Kriti says we are still in the middle of the pandemic. - Media Over Action Upsets Kriti Sanon

Nowadays media is going over the board just for the sake of TRP ratings.

Anything sensational will be telecasted for months without public interest.The same is the case with Kangana-Shiv Sena war, however, it is affecting the common people. - Media Over Action Upsets Kriti Sanon-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Renowned actress from Tollywood and Bollywood, Kriti Sanon, has expressed distress over such an incident.Retweeting a video of a woman, who is travelling in a flight Kangana Ranaut aboard, Kriti indirectly posed a question of common sense to media houses.

In the video, a few media persons were seen over-enthusiastically gathering around Kangana Ranaut even though she isn’t keen to give answers.On seeing this, Kriti tweeted “This is what i meant… how is this even allowed? Have we forgotten that we are still in the middle of a serious pandemic and the number of cases are just rising? We haven’t even reached a peak yet!” (sic).

Her comment along with the video went viral, and Directorate General of Civil Aviation reportedly asked an explanation from IndiGo Airlines.The incident has happened when Kangana flew to Mumbai during the demolition of her office.

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