Ex-president Of Maldives Acquitted Of Money Laundering Charges

Male, Nov 30, : Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, former President of Maldives, was acquitted of money laundering allegations by the Supreme Court of Maldives, on Tuesday, Xinhua reported quoting local media reports.
Yameen was charged with illegally receiving 1,000,000 US dollars from a private business to his personal account.

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He was convicted of money laundering in November 2019.

He was sentenced for five years in prison, and ordered to pay 5,000,000 dollars in compensation to state.

Yameen was convicted by the Higher Court.His defense appealed to Supreme Court.

The appellate hearings began in September, and were completed on November 5.

A second hearing was held on November 18th, and the verdict was announced Tuesday.

The court ruled that it was not possible to prove that Yameen received the money in Yameen’s personal account originally meant to go to a state institution.

Yameen is currently facing two additional money laundering charges.These trials are ongoing.

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