Makeup Artiste Namrata Soni Launches Beauty Brand  

Makeup Artiste Namrata Soni Launches Beauty Brand - Telugu National,ians Life

By Puja Gupta
New Delhi, Dec 18 (IANSlife) Makeup artiste Namrata Soni has launched her vegan and sustainable beauty and cosmetic brand — Simply Nam. - Makeup Artiste Namrata Soni Launches Beauty Brand

Designed in Scandinavia, with the Indian woman, climate and lifestyle in mind, the brand enters the Indian market with the launch of a Makeup Remover and Cleansing Towel – an eco-friendly alternative to makeup removing wipes.

It is a long-wear reusable patented microfiber cloth with waterproof formula for use with warm water alone.The vegan towel powered with 50-100 times smaller than human hair fibers ensure that it gently removes even the smallest particles of dirt, dead skin cells from skin’s surface, lines, and pores, says the brand. - Makeup Artiste Namrata Soni Launches Beauty Brand-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

For her new venture, Soni has collaborated with Bozzil, a Swedish multi-market incubator which launches influencer brands in emerging markets.

The Towel comes in a sustainable paper envelope and a magnetic reusable box which fits two makeup towels — efficient and sustainable, whilst making it safe for a machine wash upto 1,000 times depending on the frequency and lasts for 3-5 years.

Soni comments: “I am a firm believer of clean beauty and always wanted to create something for the Indian women — something that is practical, affordable, convenient, sustainable and hygienic.And what better than this cleansing towel.My new cosmetics brand is a collection of effective tools and ingredients and I am sure the Indian woman is going to love it.”

The product is available on and through Sephora both in stores and online.

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