Mahesh Babu’s Buys A Swanly Vanity Van

Our Tollywood celebrities are gradually getting used to the vanity van culture and enjoying the benefits and comforts of the same.Star heroes like Mahesh Babu, Jr.NTR, and Ram Charan have their own Vanity Vans.Other star heroes have special vanity vans remodeled according to their tastes.

 Mahesh Babu’s Buys A Swanly Vanity

Some companies provide vanity van services to stars and production services.The number of vanity vans used for a movie depends on the status of the artist and the production house.

Using vanity vans has now become a luxury and also comfort when the artists are working in outdoor locations.Now, the latest trend is that heroes carry their own vanity van wherever they go rather than using the one accommodated by the production department.Recently, Allu Arjun has bought a luxury vanity van and then named it as “Falcon” which was worth Rs.7 crores.This caravan is stationed wherever Allu Arjun goes for shifting purposes.Next up for the same is Mahesh Babu who has gifted himself a luxury caravan.

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Mahesh had ordered the caravan with his own list of customizations a long while ago and it was delivered today.A Mumbai-based interior designing company worked on the interiors of the caravan.Mahesh Babu is one who never thinks twice when it comes to splurging for his and his family’s comfort and will henceforth use this caravan for his shootings to get ready, relax, and spend quality time with family.He will next go to a lengthy shoot schedule for ‘Sarkaaru Vaari Paata’ from March 16th for which he is known to be charging a bomb as his remuneration.

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