Probe Of A Liquor Bottle Found In Bihar Assembly Premises

Patna, Nov 30, : The DGP S.K.was notified that an empty Liquor Bottle was recovered from the Premises of the Bihar assembly.Singhal stated that the Bottle has been sent to a forensic science laboratory to determine its fingerprint.
After Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of Bihar took note of the matter, such a decision was made.He stated that it was a serious matter.

 Probe Of A Liquor Bottle Found In Bihar Assembly

He called Chief Secretary Tripurari Sharan and the DGP to his chamber and asked them to investigate who had drank liquor.

The empty Liquor Bottle was found 50m away from the chamber of Nitish in Bihar Assembly premises.

“We have taken the empty Liquor Bottle and sent it to the forensic laboratory of the Liquor prohibition department to get finger prints.Although the area was not covered by CCTV cameras, a CCTV camera was placed at a distance.

Singhal stated that we are currently scanning the area to find the true culprit.

Tripurari Sharan, chief secretary, stated that “the recovery of an empty container is not a security breach.” The Bottle was thrown at the location with a clear purpose.This is not a common incident.We will conduct an extensive investigation.”

Tarkishore Prasad, Deputy CM, also stated that it was a serious matter and requires thorough investigation.

An earlier Opposition leader in Bihar Tejashwi Yoav blasted the JDU-BJP government for removing an empty Liquor Bottle from the Assembly premises.He demanded the resignation of the Chief minister and said that the empty Liquor Bottle was found only 50 meters from the chamber of Chief Minister in Bihar Vidhan Sabha.

It is a clear indication of the prohibition on liquor.Either the Liquor was consumed in a restricted area of Bihar Vidhan Sabha, or someone brought the empty bottle.

Tejashwi Yadav stated that Nitish Kumar believes in Liquor ban, but that his police are unable check consumption.

He asked: “Is Bihar Chief minister who is also holding home ministry portfolio, sleeping?” The DGP’s office can be found just a few meters away.When the Chief Minister is in the house, five to six security layers will be in place.However, alcohol is still being consumed within the premises.

He also pointed out the issue in the floor of his house.

Liquor can be found all over the state.

He said that the Liquor ban claim was just an eyewash.

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