Left Does Not Need A PR Agency: Vijayan

Thiruvananthapuram, April 2 : With just three days left for the April 6 Assembly polls, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Friday said the Left does not require a PR agency and instead it is their committed supporters in social media which are putting up its defence.

 Left Does Not Need A Pr Agency: Vijayan-TeluguStop.com

The Congress-led opposition had slammed Vijayan for spending a fortune in the past two months by way of numerous advertisements highlighting its achievements.

“The Left does not need a PR agency and the replies that are given to the Congress-led UDF for spreading canards and lies about his government is coming from their committed supporters who are active in social media and it is they who are our PR agencies,” said Vijayan while interacting with the media at his home turf in Kannur.

“The Congress and the BJP are hand in glove and they were not ready to discuss the developments that happened in Kerala but are after canards and lies.Can any other state in the country ruled either by the BJP or the Congress claim this sort of development that has taken place here,” added Vijayan.

He said in the past five years Rs 30,000 crore of development in various social sectors which includes upgrading of school and health infrastructure and the developments that took place in the housing sector (Life Mission).

“Instead of debating on these, the Congress is trying to malign the people when Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala released data of 4.30 lakh voters stating of duplicate votes.Then there were the canards about the 20 lakh Bengali workers getting included in the voters list.All these acts are being projected to the world to show Kerala in poor light.

Incidentally, Kerala is one place where elections take place in the most transparent manner,” said Vijayan.

Vijayan also reiterated his criticism of ‘the new found relation between the Congress and the BJP’ saying, “Just as in the past when the unholy alliance of the Congress-League and the BJP was thrown out, this time also the same would happen.”

Vijayan cautioned the people that the opposition would continue to spread canards and lies