Korean Bill To Allow BTS And Other Boy Bands To Avoid Mandatory Military Service

Seoul, November 27, : South Korea’s defense ministry has stressed the need to exercise “prudence” when considering whether to allow active duty Military service exemptions for Kpop superstar group BTS and other top artistes.They cited the nation’s shrinking populations and other factors.
Boo Seung-chan, spokesperson for the ministry, made these remarks while the National Assembly was deliberating on a revised bill that would allow male artistes who have contributed in national interests to work in their fields for 34 months under an alternate programme that would exempt them form Mandatory active-duty service.Yonhap News Agency reports.

 Korean Bill To Allow Bts And Other Boy Bands To Avoid Mandatory Military Service-TeluguStop.com

All South Korean men who are able to work and have the ability to pay for two years must serve in the military.In recognition of their contribution to promoting the country’s image abroad, only award-winning athletes and classical music musicians are eligible for a waiver.

“The defense ministry cannot help but think about the situational variables when addressing the revision bill.Boo stated that the current situation we are facing is the shrinking population.

“There is also the need for social consensus.He said that this was about fair Military service, and stressed the need to be “prudent”.

The revision bill’s supporters argue that BTS members and other internationally acclaimed stars should be allowed continue to work in their cultural spheres.This is especially true after BTS was awarded Artist of the Year at this year’s American Music Awards.

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