Konidela Tigress Feeding The Tiger Cub  

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Upasana Kamineni’s post on the International Tiger Day has become viral on the internet.Konidela Upasana Kamineni has earned a separate fan base with her fitness and health care instructions on social media.She is also a great animal lover.Recently she impressed everyone adopting an elephant named Rani in Nehru Zoological Park and donated 5 lakh rupees to feed her for a year.

Konidela Tigress Feeding The Tiger Cub

And now she has shown her love towards tigers.

On the occasion of International Tiger Day, Upasana posted a pic on her Instagram feeding a tiger cub with a milk bottle.

Konidela Tigress Feeding The Tiger Cub-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

In no time the pic went viral and fans are in awe seeing her with a tiger cub.But Upasana says that she will not do it again.Not because she is scared, but for the statistics that show more tigers are in captivity than in the wild.

A month ago, we have seen a leopard on the Hyderabad roads.Indirectly referring to such situations, Upasana has asked everyone to educate yourself to protect the tigers and make sure they live uninterrupted in the forests.

#Elephant Rani

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