Scholarships To India Were Awarded To Key Taliban Members

By Sanjeev Sharma New Delhi, Nov 29, : There were key Taliban members among students who were granted Scholarships to study in India, Khaama Press reported.This was quoting a Wall Street Journal article.

 Scholarships To India Were Awarded To Key Taliban

Ahmad Wali Haqmal is the spokesperson for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Finance.He was a key Taliban member at Kandahar University, and was later sent to study Human Rights in Aligarh Muslim Univesity of India.

Similar Taliban cells were operating in other major Afghan cities.According to the Wall Street Journal, Ahmad Wali Haqmal, a university lecturer, asked Taliban leaders numerous times for permission to join the armed struggle against US-backed government in Kandahar.

He had just completed his bachelor’s degree, which was in Shariah law.

He recalled that he was ready to take the AK-47 with him and go because no Afghan can bear the invasion of their country.”But then our elders said no, don’t come here, stay there, work at the universities because these people and the media and world are deceiving us about them,” the report stated.

He said that the Taliban sent Haqmal to India to get a master’s in human rights from Aligarh Muslim University.

He was primarily focused on recruiting and propagandizing for the Taliban when he returned home to Kandahar.According to the Wall Street Journal, he became the chief spokesperson for the Taliban-run financial ministry after the fall of Kabul.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that undercover Taliban agents often dressed in jeans and sunglasses, and were clean-shaven and dressed in jeans, spent years infiltrating Afghan ministries, universities, businesses, and aid organisations.

These operatives emerged from the shadows in Kabul, along with other large cities across Afghanistan, just as US forces were about to complete their withdrawal in August.This surprised their neighbors and colleagues.According to the report, they helped the Taliban quickly seize control from the inside by removing their weapons from hiding.

Three months after the US pulled out, it is only now that we can see the pivotal role of these clandestine cells.The American-backed government had no resistance to the Taliban’s attempts to raze Afghan cities.

According to the report, Kabul fell in hours and there was not a single shot fired.

Mawlawi Mohammad Salam Saad, a senior Taliban leader, boasted that “we had agents in every organization and department.” He was a suicide bomber and assassin inside the Afghan capital.Wall Street Journal reported that units already present in Kabul took over strategic locations.

Saad’s men are part of the so-called Badri Force of the Haqqani Network, a Taliban group that is considered a terrorist organization by the US due to its links to al Qaeda.He sat in front of a bank closed-circuit TV monitors at the Kabul airport security control center and said that he had seen people in the office he occupied today.

The 20-year-old war in Afghanistan was often viewed as a battle between Taliban insurgents, bearded men operating out of mountain hide-outs, and Afghan and US forces.However, the underground network of urban operatives won the endgame.

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