Kerala: 2 Arrested In Suspected Honour Killing Case

Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 26 : Two people who allegedly attacked a 27-year-old man with machete and sickle in Kerala’s Palakkad, have been arrested in a suspected case of honour killing, police said on Saturday.

 Kerala: 2 Arrested In Suspected Honour Killing

Prabhukumar and Suresh have been taken into custody, as police continue to probe complaints of harrasment against a number of suspects who had accosted the deceased on several occasion.

Police said that the victim, Aneesh, was on his motorbike with his brother Arun on Friday night, when Prabhukumar and Suresh waylaid and attacked them.

Later, Aneesh died on the way to hospital.

Sources said that three months ago, Aneesh had married Haritha who was from an upper caste.Their relationship started while they were still in school.

The girl’s family was never happy about it.

However, police said that they are yet to ascertain whether this was a case of honour killing.

The deceased’s brother Arun told the media that Haritha’s family had threatened Aneesh with dire consequences.

Arun added that Haritha’s uncle Suresh had even barged into Aneesh’s house and issued several death threats.

Haritha also alleged that her uncle Suresh and her father Prabhukumar had issued death threats to Aneesh and even snatched away his mobile phone the other day.

Palakkad district police chief Sujithdas said that the police had acted ever since Aneesh’s family had lodged a complaint against Haritha’s father and her uncle for threatening Aneesh.

He said that the local police had called up Haritha’s parents and warned them that they should not take the law into their own hands.

“We are yet to ascertain whether this is a case of honour killing and this can be confirmed only after statements of all those concerned with the case including Haritha, her relatives and Aneesh’s relatives and friends are in place,” the police chief added