KCR And YS Jagan… Will Both Of Them Learn From Kejriwal??

Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal has taken a sensational decision.He announced a key decision slashing the price of Petrol in the state.

 Kcr And Ys Jagan… Will Both Of Them Learn From Kejriwal??-TeluguStop.com

The Delhi state government is currently levying 30 per cent VAT on petrol.Recently, it was decided to exclude VAT of 10.6 per cent on petrol.With this, the price of a litre of Petrol can be reduced by around Rs 8-9.The latest decision recently came into effect.At present, the price of Petrol in Delhi is Rs 103.97 per litre.The new price is likely to be around Rs 94-95.

The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting chaired by Aravind Kejriwal.With this, criticisms are heaping on the Chief Ministers of the two Telugu states.

The Chief Ministers of the two Telugu states often say that they are implementing welfare schemes like nowhere else in the country.In a situation like this, people are criticizing saying that why they cannot make a decision on reducing the VAT, which is being imposed heavily in the Telugu states?

It is known that during the Diwali festival, the union govt announced that it is reducing the excise duty on Petrol and diesel across the country.

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