John Abraham: I Don’t Fear Failure (IANS Interview).

Mumbai, Nov 27, : John Abraham has an 18-year-long career in Bollywood.He has made many unusual choices of films with strong recall value.

 John Abraham: I Don’t Fear Failure (ians Interview)

He is now trying to appeal to both urban and mass audiences.Abraham says he doesn’t fear Failure, which drives him to take chances.
The actor is well-known for his roles in ‘Jism,’ Dhoom’ and Dostana’.

John, who was asked by IANS if he had any strategy for making such films, admitted that some of the films mentioned are commercial failures.

John stated to IANS: “I believe the only strength I have in my career is that I have no fear about failure.” There was a list that I made that was ahead of their time at the beginning.They didn’t work for the wider audience immediately after they were released.It was fine with me.I knew from the beginning that every story has its audience.

“If not immediately, the story will find its audience eventually.

There have been films that I made that earned a lot at the box office.This was not something I expected when I was making them.

I didn’t put myself under any pressure to imagine the negative results of the final product.It won’t work for the viewers, right? Okay, we’ll move on to the next film.I live film to movie and keep moving forward.”

His most recent film, Satyameva Jayate 2, is a Milap Zaveri directedorial and is a sequel of ‘Satyameva Jayate.

You will see how the new film does at the box office.

John also shared some films that were very dear to his heart.

‘Jism’: The film was released in 2003 and received a lot love and appreciation from both critics and audiences.John stated, “It will always be a special film because it was my first.

My favourite song ‘Awarapan Banjarapan’! It was the first time I received so much adulation by the audience.I realized how my long hair and physical appearance became a rage among young stars, but for me, back then, storytelling was just a passion.Trust me, I’m still the same.”

‘Dostana’ was a 2008 Dharma Productions film that was a huge success.It featured Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra and a funny take on gay relationships.”I found the script funny when I read it.Throughout the entire reading season, I was a laughing machine.That was it! I was ready to take part in the film.

The rest is history, yes! But I wasn’t too analytical about it.John said, “I was going with the flow.”

‘Dhoom’: The first installment of the franchise was released in 2004.John, who played the traditional villain, really changed the perception of the villain.The film’s success brought out a new generation of fans who were captivated by his passion for bikes and physicality.”When I look back, I wonder how this magic happened because I am the bad guy.I had no idea of any love story or song that was depicted on me in the film.

“All I had was my character and my bike!” Although I was unable to predict the success of the film, I can say that I could see the outcome and I am glad that I did.I also remember that I had no fear of failure.”That is my driving force, you see,” the actor said.

John has been praised for his screen presence and great looks in many of the films that have become cult.John’s bare body, long hair, and sexy look in “Jism” are just a few of the reasons he has been praised for his looks.

Is his good looks enough to make him a non-actor in the eyes of critics?

“Hey, but I am also the same guy who made a film called “New York”, a very important story that was.I also did ‘Water, ‘Madras Cafe, and ‘Kabul Express.I also did a film called “Zinda”, “Force ‘.well, the list is long enough that I am not being defensive.I’m trying to point out that subtle acting was not a popular trend in the early stages of my career.Although the performance was not noticed, those films are still loved and watched.

John said, “Now, I am trying reach out to all sections of the audience.My choice of films is a reflection thereof.”

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