Indian-American Mala Adiga Appointed As Jill Biden’s Policy Director

US President-elect Joe Biden on Friday appointed an Indian-American, Mala Adiga, the policy director of his wife Jill Biden, who will be the First Lady.Ms.Adiga has served as a senior advisor to Jill Biden and a senior policy advisor on the Biden-Kamala Harris campaign.Previously, Ms.Adiga was director for Higher Education and Military Families at the Biden Foundation.

 Indian-american Mala Adiga Appointed As Jill Biden’s Policy

During former President Barack Obama’s administration, Mala Adiga served as the deputy assistant secretary of state for Academic Programs at the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, in the Secretary of State’s Office of Global Women’s Issues as chief of staff and senior advisor to the Ambassador-at-Large, besides as director for human rights on the National Security Staff.

A native of Illinois, Ms.Adiga is a graduate of Grinnell College, the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, and the University of Chicago Law School.A lawyer by training, Ms.Adiga had been a clerk for a federal and had worked for a Chicago law firm before joining the campaign of former President Barack Obama in 2008.

 Indian-American Mala Adiga Appointed As Jill Biden’s Policy Director-International NRI-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

She started in the Obama administration as a counsel to the associate attorney general.Joe Biden made the announcement of her appointment as he announced the names of four new members of his White House senior staff.

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