Jagan’s Sensational Strategy – The New 3 Capitals Bill Is Ready!

YCP minister Balineni Srinivasareddy gave clarity over the most anticipated three capitals Bill.He clarified that the YCP government would definitely introduce the bill with amendments in the upcoming budget meetings.

 Jagan’s Sensational Strategy – The New 3 Capitals Bill Is Ready!-TeluguStop.com

It implies that the three capitals amendment bill will be introduced in the House within four months.In addition to this, Minister Perni Nani hinted that the previously introduced bill would be amended, and it would be introduced again in the assembly.

While the BJP government at the Center has not stated its stance on the issue of three capitals, the YCP govt says its stance is the AP-BJP stance.

When Union Home Minister Amit Shah visited AP, he asked the BJP to join the Amaravati farmers’ walkathon.

The AP-BJP leaders, however, are adamant that Amaravati should be the only capital for AP.If three capitals are established, technical issues arise, say, experts.There is also a debate on how these technical points can be overcome if a revised bill is introduced in the House.It remains to be seen what is the action plan of YCP in the budget session.

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