Israeli Def Min Takes A ‘historical’ Trip To Morocco

Tel Aviv, Nov 24, : Benny Gantz, Israeli Defence Minister, has traveled to Morocco on an “important and historic visit”, which would “formalise” security cooperation between the North African kingdoms, his office stated.
Gantz, in a statement released before his departure on Tuesday, described the two-day trip to Morocco as “an important historical visit”, and said that it marks the “first official visit by an Israeli defense chief to Morocco”, according to Xinhua news agency.

 Israeli Def Min Takes A ‘historical’ Trip To

“We will sign cooperation agreements, and continue to strengthen ties among the countries.” He added.

Gantz is expected meet the Moroccan Defense Minister, and Foreign Minister.

This visit comes less than a year after Morocco established normal relations with Israel under a US-brokered agreement.

August saw the first visit of an Israeli top diplomat to Morocco since 2003 by Foreign Minister Yair Lepid.


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