Is This The Strategy Behind MP Raghurama Resignation?

YCP leader Narasapuram MP Kanumuri Raghuram Krishnamraju has said that he will resign from his post soon.Not only that, during this time he posed a tough challenge to the YCP leaders.

 Is This The Strategy Behind Mp Raghurama Resignation?

He said that he will resign from his MP post on February 5.However, YCP leaders say he has strategically brought the resignation proposal to the fore.YCP leaders are currently debating the latest developments in Parliament.

What has happened in Parliament is that Speaker Om Birla is ready to take a decision on the 8 disqualification petitions that have already reached the Speaker.

However, as there are budget meetings now, when they are over, they are ready to take a decision on this.Because .these disqualification petitions came from some parties that are allies of the BJP.

Among these is the issue of YCP MP Raghuram.In this context, it seems that by March, the disqualification hunt will be over.If this happens for almost six years.

Raghuram will be disqualified from contesting the elections.That is, he is not likely to contest in any election.

With this in mind, the YCP is also looking to disqualify him without taking any party action against him till now.Raghurama sensed what was going on in the parliament