Is India Vs South Africa Series Fixed?  

Is India Vs South Africa Series Fixed? -

While team India is dominating the South Africans in their own backyard like no other team did before, our neighbouring nations aren’t still convinced or aren’t able digest the march of men in blue in South Africa.Daniel Alexander, a famous cricket journalist of Sri Lanka have sent a complaint to International Cricket Council to look over the South Africa – India ODI series.Recent tweets from South African fast bowlers Kasigo Rabada and Lungi Ngidi triggered this suspicious environment.

“Money is the root cause of all evil” , a sentence was tweeted by both the speedsters at same time on February 14.It gave a perspective like South Africans have been lured by BCCI to fix the series and lose against India.Irony, this perspective was only started by Srilankan journalists.

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Despite Rabada and Lungi clarifying that there tweets were no where related to cricket, the journo kept sticking to his theory.

But the question is, had the series really been fixed, which idiot on Earth would give a hint on a public platform like Twitter? Leaving this idiotic theories aside, team India is looking for 5-1 series win by ending the 6th ODI in the same flow today.

తెలుగు వార్త విశేషాలు సులభముగా తెలుసుకోండి!!!!

ప్రతి రోజు ముఖ్యమైన వార్త విశేషాలు ,సినిమా,రాజకీయ విశ్లేషణలు,ఆరోగ్య సూత్రాలు,ఎన్నారై ,వీసా సమాచారం కోసం తెలుగుస్టాప్ డైలీకి Subscribe చేయండి,సోషల్ మీడియా లో ఫాలో అవ్వండి.మీ ఇమెయిల్/ఫోన్ నెంబర్(Country Code) తో నమోదు చేయండి.
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