Iran’s FM Suggests That An Agreement With IAEA Is Possible

Tehran, Nov 25, : Iranian Foreign Ministry Hossein Abdollahian tweeted that an agreement is possible with the International Atomic Energy Agency, (IAEA), and that a meeting will take place soon.
Amir Abdollahian stated Wednesday that they reached “good agreements for continuing cooperation” in the “cordial, frank, and fruitful” talks he had with Rafael Grossi, IAEA Director General, in Tehran on Tuesday.

 Iran’s Fm Suggests That An Agreement With Iaea Is

“Yet we need to work on a few lines to create a text,” he said, while cautioning that “politicization of technical matters is unproductive.”

Grossi’s comment about his Tehran visit being “inconclusive” at a quarterly meeting held in Vienna earlier that day by the agency’s board was apparently the reason for the Iranian foreign minister’s remarks.

Grossi traveled to Iran Monday evening to meet Amir Abdollahian, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Mohammad Eslami, on Tuesday.They discussed outstanding issues between Iran & the IAEA, including the monitoring of activities at the Karaj centrifuge parts manufacturing site, in the lead-up to the Vienna Nuclear Talks, which will resume on November 29.

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