Indulge In Some Rum-infused Concoctions

Indulge in some rum-infused concoctions

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New Delhi, July 7 (IANSlife) Cocktails are better when shared with friends.If you find yourself in need of a conversation starter to kick off your next happy hour or a weekend at home, look no further than this incredible collection to whip out some truly amazing cocktails that blend perfectly with the monsoon mood to jazz up your lazy rainy evenings.

 Indulge In Some Rum-infused

Splurge on some delectable rum-infused cocktails from Jimmy’s Cocktails to add zeal to a relaxing weekend.

Here are 3 mouthwatering mixes you can get tipsy:

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.60ml rum
.90ml Jimmy’s Bloody Mary mix
.1 pinch of freshly chopped coriander leaves
.1 pinch Chat Masala
.1 pinch of Black Salt
.1 Freshly cut cucumber slice

How to mix:

.In a shaker glass filled with ice, pour the above ingredients and shake well.

Strain into a tall glass filled with ice and garnish with a freshly cut cucumber slice and fresh mint sprigs.



.60ml Rum
.90ml Jimmy’s Margarita Mix
.1 Fresh green chili
.1 Orange wedge

How to mix:

.Pour all ingredients into a shaker glass with ice and shake well.

Strain into a stem glass filled with ice.
.Garnish with an orange slice



.60ml Rum
.90ml Jimmy’s Gin Cherry Sour Mix
.10 ml Fresh Lime juice
.Ginger Ale

How to mix:

.In a tall glass filled with ice, pour the above ingredients and top with ginger ale.
.Stir well and garnish with a fresh ginger slice.

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