India Rivers Week Ends With A Pledge To Protect Rivers And Fish

New Delhi, Nov 27, : , India Rivers Week 2021, an event organized annually by the India Rivers Forum, concluded Saturday with a promise to work towards the conservation and revitalization of inland fisheries and rivers.
Five riveting virtual sessions were held by community leaders, activists, academicians, and bureaucrats.

 India Rivers Week Ends With A Pledge To Protect Rivers And

The programme began on November 8th and was focused on river pollution and fisheries.It was followed by sessions on river fragmentation (dams, barrages and embankments), science and data improvement, advocacy, changing political economy and finally the national event about governance.

Activist Raj Kumar Sinha (ACT) and Affected Citizens Of Teesta (BPS) were presented with the Bhagirath Prayaas Samuelman (BPS), while journalist Athar Parvaiz and author Abhay Mishra received the Anupam Memorial Medal, which is given to a media professional who has a track record of writings about rivers.

Sinha has been working over the past 30 years for the protection of the Narmada River and the communities that live along it.His organization, Bargi Bandh Visthapit Evam Prabhavit Sangh has been fighting against destructive projects in the Narmada River’s upper reaches and for the rights of those affected by the Bargi Dam.

The ACT is an organization of Sikkim’s Lepchas, which raises awareness about the hydropower projects that have threatened the Teesta river (and its tributaries) for the past 20 years.

Abhay Mishra, winner of the Anupam Mishra Memorial Medal has been reporting in-depth and with verve about the river Ganga for more that a decade.He has traveled many times from source to shore to observe and understand the events and processes along its banks.

Journalist Parvaiz has reported with great insight on various issues relating to rivers in Jammu & Kashmir.

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