India Adds More Than 8K New Covid Cases And 465 Deaths In 24 Hours

New Delhi, Nov 27, : , India has recorded an additional 8,318 Covid-19 cases within the last 24 hours.This brings the total number of cases since the pandemic to 3,45,63749 according to data from the health ministry that was updated Saturday morning.
These cases are 21 percent lower than Friday’s spike in 10,549 new cases.

 India Adds More Than 8k New Covid Cases And 465 Deaths In 24

In the meantime, 465 more deaths were also reported, bringing the total number of Covid deaths in India up to 4,67,933.

The total recovery rate has risen to 3,39,88797 with 10,967 recoveries.The current recovery rate is at 98.34 percent, the highest since March 2020.Meanwhile, active cases are at 1,07,000.019, after falling by 3,114 cases from Friday.

The overall vaccination count has increased to 1,21,0658,262 by administering Covid-19 vaccines to 73,581,017 people in the same timeframe.

Scientists and health experts in India, who have confirmed the detection of Omicron, a new Covid-19 variant, say that new waves are possible.If we don’t act quickly and efficiently, we may see more of the same.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also declared the variant as a concern.

Rajesh Bhushan, Health Secretary to the Union Territories, stated that multiple cases of Covid-19 variant B.1.1529 were reported by India’s National Centre for Disease Control.He also said that India’s National Centre for Disease Control had informed the government that there have been six cases in South Africa, Botswana, and Hong Kong.

Bhushan stated that this variant has been reported to contain a significant number of mutations and therefore has serious implications for public health in the country, given recent relaxed visa restrictions and openness to international travel.

The communication stated that international travellers who travel from or transit through these countries (they are in the “at-risk” category of international travellers to lndia) must undergo rigorous screening and testing.

“The contacts of international travellers must also need to be closely monitored and tested according to MoHFW guidelines.”

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