IND V NZ – I Look Forward To Enjoying Every Moment I’m On The Ground, Says Axar Paltel

Kanpur, Nov 27, : India left arm spinner Axar Ptel stated that he enjoys playing on the field and doesn’t worry about being a leader in the team’s spin department.He said that his main focus is on his bowling and how he can help the team succeed.
Patel was India’s star in the third Test.He picked his fifth five-wicket run in his seventh Test innings, bowling out New Zealand for 296 runs.This gave India a crucial 49-run lead.

 Ind V Nz – I Look Forward To Enjoying Every Moment I’m On The Ground, Says Axar

“Whenever I go to Ground, I just look for the joy.While I don’t think there is (Ravichandran Ashwin bhai) Jaddu Jadeja bhai, I don’t believe that they have a lead role.When the ball is in my hands, I enjoy the game and observe the behavior of the pitch.

I don’t think about the senior players in the team or the role of the leader.Patel said in the virtual press conference that he thinks about his own bowling and how to play according to the team’s requirements.

 IND V NZ – I Look Forward To Enjoying Every Moment I’m On The Ground, Says Axar Paltel-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Patel stated that his use of the crease on day 3 brought him important scalps.”I used the crease more today than I did in the ten overs yesterday.The plan was to use my crease well today, especially from the outside or closer towards the stumps.It helped me to get some buy from the wickets.”

He then spoke about the mood in India’s dressing room after they failed to score a wicket.They were forced to work hard for 66 runs.”We were talking within our team.It is difficult to get a wicket for 67 runs.

It is hard to believe that this is happening.The dressing room was calm, as Ajju Bhai (Ajinkya Rahane), and Rahul sir talked to everyone and helped to maintain the atmosphere.

“They had said that we would have to be patient and that if we get a wicket we will get two-three more and an opening for innings.Today was a day of appreciation for the patience we displayed in the first and second sessions.

We wouldn’t have achieved the result if we had put on pressure after failing to get a wicket in 67 runs.This could have made it difficult.

We knew we had five bowlers, and that anyone could step up.This happened today.

Patel was grateful to KS Bharat, a substitute wicketkeeper, for his efforts behind the wickets in the absence of Wriddhiman Sha (neck stiffness).Bharat had taken two wickets and was able to stump his bowling.”It is difficult for anyone to be in fifteen and then suddenly you have to keep wickets on field, especially after Wridhi bhai had stiff neck.He had only ten minutes to warm up after he started practising on the Ground in the morning.

It is difficult to keep wickets like this.He did a great job collecting, taking catches, and stumping.I believe he will improve over time.”

The 27-year old said that the bowlers would advise batters to be patient and wait for a bad pitch to score runs on slow pitches.

“Our batters were also present at the Ground, so they must have had a good idea of how the pitch would behave.Our talk was about the oddball that will rise from the cracks.

If you treat the ball as a merit, it will not bounce as much or be uneven.The odd ball can either turn or keep low.If they are not careful and patient, they can be a problem for our batters.We will tell our batters that they should be patient and wait for the bad balls to arrive.If bad ball arrives, go for the runs.”

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