‘HIV+ Gave My Thoughts To End My Life, But Love For My Children Gave Grit To Fight’

By Amit Cowper Gandhinagar, December 1, : Two women share their lives in fighting HIV.Alka (name changed), Hinaben Modi, and Alka (name unchanged) share their stories about fighting stigmatization and pursuing a better future.

 ‘hiv+ Gave My Thoughts To End My Life, But Love For My Children Gave Grit To Fight’-TeluguStop.com

Hinaben Modi, a Gujarati woman, contracted HIV (human immunodeficiency viruses) from her husband.She wanted to end her own life but her love for her children made her determined to fight the disease and live a fulfilling and challenging life.

Around 74,000 HIV-positive people live in Gujarat.They are fighting every battle, even during the days of Covid-19.

Hinaben is from Vadnagar which is also the hometown of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.She has fought against all odds, keeping true to Vadnagar spirit.

She was diagnosed with HIV in 2006 after she had contracted it from her husband.

“At the time I discovered this, I wanted to end my own life.

I thought that everything was over and that there was nothing left to live on.After losing my husband to the illness, the temptation to take this extreme step grew stronger, but my love for my children, both HIV-negative, forced me to continue living.” she said.

Hinaben’s husband, a Vadnagar diamond worker, died in 2008.Hinaben was forced to take care of the house chores for her husband because he was ill.

“After I was diagnosed with HIV, people began to react strangely to my situation.They didn’t reject me outright or stop my work, but they felt it.I was determined not only to fight it but also to disclose my status to others.I didn’t want to conceal my HIV status,” she told IANS.

Soon, she turned her attention to her cottage business of manufacturing bleach, phenyl and other cleansing liquids to help her family make ends meet.

She has been able to provide a good education and a good lifestyle for her children over the years.

Her daughter, who is now in her final year of high school, has landed a job at a civil hospital.Her son is currently completing his MCom.She is a proud mother who inspires others to live a full-fledged life.

Hinaben says, “You can’t undo what fate did me to me, but it is impossible to resign.

She is a participant in most of the AIDS awareness and HIV prevention programs run by the Gujarat State Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GSNP+).

“I don’t fear anything, and I haven’t done anything wrong, so I don’t feel ashamed or shy about telling people I am HIV positive.She says she wants to share her story with others.

Alka (name change) felt the same as Hinaben when she was diagnosed HIV positive in 2011.

“For a while, I kept it from my mother in law, even though my husband and father knew.

She eventually discovered the truth, and that was the end.She said that she went back to her paternal home and was divorced.

Alka began working with the GSNP+ organization and has been associated since then.Her life was not always easy.

She met another HIV positive through this work and they were married.The bonding didn’t last very long as the man became addicted to narcotics.

“Life is full of ups and downs.But we must fight.

She said that we cannot blame destiny and just sit in the corner crying.

As Alka and Hinaben, there are approximately 74,000 HIV-positive people in Gujarat.

They are fighting not only against their physical condition but also against the society.

“Because this stigma, we believe there may be around 20,000 HIV-positive people in the state who need medical treatment and care.

Daxaben Ptel, Secretary of GSNP+, stated that while we are trying to raise awareness and bring equality in the society, it is difficult.

Sources indicate that India is the third most affected country by HIV.The HIV prevalence in the 15-49 year old age group was 0.2% in 2017.This is a small number compared to other middle-income countries.However, the large population of 1.3billion people means that there are 2.1 million HIV-positive people.

Nearly 80 percent of HIV-positive people are aware of their status, and most are on antiretroviral therapy (ART).It is not known how many people are on ART and how many are virally suppressed.

Sexual transmission is the main driver of India’s HIV epidemic.

According to reports, HIV in Gujarat caused the deaths of 5,000 HIV-positive people in the last decade.

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