Govt Warns Social Media Influencers Against Endorsing Offshore Online Betting, Gambling

Govt warns social media influencers against endorsing offshore online betting, gambling

New Delhi, March 21 : The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Thursday advised all endorsers and influencers on social media to refrain from promoting or advertising, including surrogate advertisements, of offshore online betting and gambling platforms.

 Govt Warns Social Media Influencers Against Endorsing Offshore Online Betting,

According to the ministry, these advertisements have significant financial and socio-economic implications of online betting and gambling on consumers, particularly the youth.

The advisory cautioned that failure to comply with it may lead to proceedings under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, including removal or disabling of social media posts or accounts and penal action under the applicable statutes.

Further, the ministry has advised online advertisement intermediaries not to target such promotional content towards the Indian audience.

Social media intermediaries have also been advised to conduct sensitisation efforts among their users to refrain from publishing such content.

Moreover, the ministry has reiterated the advisory by the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) dated March 6, 2024, which had expressed concerns regarding endorsements of betting/ gambling platforms by celebrities and influencers to endorse and promote their betting activities, and had cautioned that any such direct or indirect advertisement or endorsement shall be subject to rigorous scrutiny.



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