Good Days For Dairy Farmers: CM Jagan‌!

Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has said that due to competition with Amul in the state, even private dairies have to raise milk rates.They made it clear that their aim was to make things better and to generate any extra income for them in the village itself.

 Good Days For Dairy Farmers: Cm Jagan‌!

He said that they are doing many programs with the aim of getting them to stand on their own two feet and give them better opportunities.He started the “Jagananna Paala Velluva” in Anantapur district on Friday in a virtual manner from his camp office.

Speaking on the occasion, the CM said that due to the entry of Amul in Anantapur district, it is going to be good for every farmers.He said that if agriculture was to be affordable it would have to rely solely on it to accompany the paddy under inadequate conditions.

In this context, Amul is very useful for milk production and Dairy farming.

He also said, Amul is the eighth largest company in the world.

Ranks first in the country That is why Amul buys at a higher rate than any other private Dairy in the market.The profits are also given back to the Farmers every six months in the form of a bonus.

A greater situation than this in the field of cooperation can never be seen anywhere.The State Government has paid special attention to prevent frauds in milk collection.Checks carried out extensively.As a result, 20 cases have already been reported in various parts of the country.In such cases, it has been revealed that private dairies are paying less to Dairy Farmers from 45 paise to Rs 10.95 per litre.

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