Goa Minister Implicated In Sex Scandal, CM Trying Destroy Evidence: Congress

Panaji, Nov 30, : , Goa Congress president Girish Chdankar made a sensational allegation Tuesday that a state minister (without naming the name) was involved with a sex scandal.He claimed that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant knew of it and was trying Destroy evidence.
Chodankar addressed a press conference in Panaji, where he stated that if Sawant doesn’t sack the Minister concerned from his cabinet within 15 Days, the Congress will make every effort to make the photo, video, and WhatsApp chat-based Evidence public before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s planned visit to Goa in December 19.

 Goa Minister Implicated In Sex Scandal, Cm Trying Destroy Evidence: Congress-TeluguStop.com

“A minister in the Goa government is involved in a sexual scandal.He has been sexually harassing women by misusing his ministerial position.Chodankar stated that a Minister who abuses his position and his power in the government to sexually exploit a woman is a serious matter at a Panaji press conference on Tuesday.

“In the video and photos, the minister can be seen in compromising positions alongside a woman.The way he speaks to the woman shows that he isn’t even qualified to be an MLA.The audio shows how the Minister responds to the woman’s request for her right after she has been sexually exploited.He even told her to get an abortion, but she refused,” the president of the state Congress also said.

The allegations against Chodankar’s yet unnamed Minister come a day after Damu Naik, Goa BJP general secretary, claimed that Chodankar made baseless accusations against the ruling dispensation.

Chodankar also claimed that the Chief Minister knew of the multi-media Evidence against his minister and that he was using state police force to Destroy it.

“The Chief Minister was informed about the issue.The videos and audios have been seen by the Chief Minister.He also saw the WhatsApp chats.Chodankar stated that the CM has seen all photos and was surprised that when such material is about a Minister, he continues his protection.”

“The CM does not do anything.I was told again that the CM was trying to Destroy the Evidence and was going out of his way.The Minister has committed a crime, and the CM has committed a more serious sin.Chodankar stated that the Evidence is being destroyed by the Goa Police.

Chodankar threatened to make the Evidence public before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit in Goa.If Sawant doesn’t sack the Minister within 15 Days, and takes criminal action against his cabinet colleague, Chodankar will also threaten to put the Evidence in the public domain.

The state Congress president stated that the minister should be fired immediately before the Prime Minister arrives to Goa on December 19.Or we may have to make the Evidence public before the PM arrives.

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